One-Year Anniversary Living in America!

trent-yarnell-19728.jpgIt is crazy how fast time has passed. I cannot believe it has been a year already. It feels like it was yesterday when I had to say goodbye to my friends at the airport in Germany. This moment was one of the hardest in my life. There I was.. sold everything I had standing at the airport, my bridal dress in my carry one bag.untitled.png

The electronic doors opened and closed behind me, one last time I looked back to my friends. I took a deep breath and turned around. I was ready for my new life in the United States of America!

I realized what I was doing when I left the Airport in New York. I felt free, proud of myself how far I have made it and like I was doing something crazy (!). However, I liked the excitement. What would life be without those moments?

Let’s review with me the last 12 month:


  •  We got married after a few days after my arrival (for the K1 Visa.) It was my first time at an  American courthouse. I only knew courtrooms from Criminal Minds or Law in Order. It was not the romantic environment I expected…But we had a real wedding in April.
  • The first four weeks were the hardest. Even I have spent six months here during my semester abroad, I had to deal with culture shock and realizing that the US is my home now.
  • First Thanksgiving! Again, something I only knew from movies/TV shows (how I meet your mother). They have a cake called German Chocolate Cake. It is a cake from a box and has coconut in it… I am sorry but this is not German at all.


  • Started volunteer work at a local church. My job was to help give out clothes to people in need. It was a  great experience.
  • Applied for the Social Security Card and Driver License.

FebruaryCandy Valentine hearts with slogans receding into the distance

  • Valentine’s day overload! Every store is selling flowers and heart-shaped candy. It seems to be a big deal here.


  • Found a snake in the backyard!! My whole life a snake was a zoo animal… Now I have to be prepared seeing it in the yard…


  • German American wedding! A loooooot cultural differences. However, we mixed traditions from both cultures. We had coffee and cake at 4:00 pm and after that American BBQ. Of course, the German beer was gone first. 😉


  • After 6 months of waiting, I finally received my Green Card.
  • Started my blog! Even blogging in German would have been much more convenient for me, I wanted to write for everyone, not only German-speaking readers. (My husband likes reading my blog too, and he does not speak German yet). At the same time, I practice my English. Please forgive me grammar or spelling mistakes I am still learning.


  • Enjoying life! Hang out at the harbor and watching dolphins in the sunset.
  • Saw for the first time an alligator! (at Magnolia Plantation)



  • work work work work
  • Fourth of July!


  • Birthday! There are even cultural differences in celebrating birthdays! For example in Germany, it means bad luck to wish someone “happy birthday” before the actual day.  In America, people say it before the day “happy early birthday”


  • Hurricane Irma! First time preparing for a hurricane. We had luck, it did not hit us.
  • First-time automatic car! After a hit and run (Fahrerflucht) the insurance provided me a rental car. It was the first time I had driven an automatic car. The first few days I hated it, after a while, I got used to it. Now I am happy to have my German car with stick shift back!
  • Road trip to  Savannah! 


Datei 02.11.17, 21 04 12
  • Jet-Ski Tour with friends
  • October fest… The beers were small and there were no pretzels. Just a few people tried, but I did not see a real dirndl. One place was serving bratwurst… It was not a bratwurst, it just looked like a hot dog. But I was able to meet a few Germans who are also living in Charleston.


November – 2017

It is hard to believe that all of that fits into one year. These are just the highlights, but I experience small cultural differences on a daily base. To learn every day something new is very exciting. I do miss my friends and German food but I do not regret my decision.

This blog helps me to process this adventure. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I am looking forward to keeping you updated and I also enjoy hearing from you!




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  1. Love your blog. I am in England, and have been visiting Germany a lot with work – travelling from to Frankfurt. Your English is far better than my German 🙂


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